Food in Los Angeles: Café Gratitude

The quality of this vegan restaurant seems to be no secret, more than once I received the suggestion to eat here and I happily followed. The food is just great, the menu is extensive, they feature raw as well as cooked dishes, which are each explained in detail. The spacious restaurant’s interior designers fortunately abstained from overly esoteric or missionary messages, which are only found in details (as on the plates, which ask what you’re grateful for).

We went for a salad with grilled pears, walnuts, pomegranate and crostini with vegan mozzarella made of cashew nuts as a starter for 12$. The salad’s superfresh and full of flavor produce was delicious, I didn’t need the vegan mozzarella though, I haven’t had yet any convincing vegan cheese product. The mains arrived at the same time as did the starter, I chose a rice bowl with quinoa and many different kinds of algae, very rich avocado and the obligatory kale, the other main was a creamy eggplant parmeggiana on panini called “I am awesome” (11$). Everything tasted great, there is nothing to moan really. We were too stuffed for either a dessert or one of the much appraised smoothies, so we might have to come back. There’s worse, I guess.

Add-on: I took these pictures with the Canon EOS-M and its 22m lense, which has a lot of detail and a nice bokeh to it. I am mostly using its automatic mode, due to laziness and the urge to quickly devour this delicacies. This little camera has been ruling out my 5D, seriously.

[Entry in part sponsored by Canon]

Café Gratitude

Café Gratitude

639 Larchmont Boulevard

90004 Los Angeles

Opening Hours:

daily 8:00–22:00


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  1. Duck on


    Err, did you mean bokeh? I’ve been looking at getting the M for Christmas to carry with me when my DSLR just seems too large, but with the exchangeable lenses it still seems a bit bulky to fit in my pocket :-/ Thinking of going with a Leica compact instead.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      auto-correct failure… thanks for noticing, I changed it. By the way, it’s not bulky at all, for what it’s able to do, it’s actually really small!

    2. Duck on

      Really? It’s so hard to tell the size of things online… Would I be able to fit it into a pocket without it being too annoying? Obviously I’d love to be able to keep the DSLR quality that the M seems to be able to provide, but I don’t want to buy a camera for day-to-day use and then find it’s too large/heavy and just defeats the purpose…

    3. Mary Scherpe on

      definitely it would! it actually has a nice weight to it, with which i mean it’s neither too heavy nor too light. but in comparison to my dslr this feels like carrying no camera at all. I will post a picture of me wearing the camera today on, maybe that helps to know the size. apart from that it’s always recommendable to “try” a new camera at the store

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