Food in Santa Monica: Farmer’s Market

We started our last day in Santa Monica on the farmer’s market and since then and because of what I’ve seen there, I want to move here immediately. The abundance, quality and choice of produce amazed me, whom I’m used to the often disappointing and scarce assortment of vegetables and fruits on German markets (exceptions prove the rule). Every stall here seemed to be eager to focus on its very own produce, instead of everyone selling the same for different prices. We saw different types of persimon, of which I was so surprised, I told the vendor that where I come from, we only have one type.. Which she accepted with a nod and no inquiries, thankfully. But hey, superb food enthuses me, I can’t help it.

Furthermore there was a huge choice of dates, greens (apple mint, anybody?), heirloom tomatoes in almost every color, a huge assortment of roasted nuts and seeds, sprouts in every imaginable way and raw milk – and the best thing, it is very common and welcome to sample all of it. So we ate our way through the market before heading towards Café Gratitude for lunch and moving our stuff over to Silverlake, the capital of hipster, where we will spend the next days before heading north.


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  1. Unknown on


    Well, in Southern Europe (I’m Italian but live in Helsinki) you might have taken similar photos in farmers’ markets. Is it really so narrow the variety in Germany?

    Obviously the climate of California helps like it does help in SOuthern Europe :)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      In terms of tomato colors certainly! And of course it’s due to the great climate here, what I am referring to is not the variety of produce you’d be able to grow in germany, but what is sold on most of the markets, which is very limited and the reason to that is unknown to me…

  2. elfs-stilettos on


    I didn’t know there is such a variety of tomato colours!

  3. nikol on


    beautiful post, makes me want to be in Cali!

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