Food in Silver Lake: Café Stella & Intelligentsia Coffee

Life in Silver Lake basically centers around Silver Lake Junction, an agglomeration of several cafés, a cheese and a flower store at the crossing of Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd, with the main attraction being Intelligentsia, a third wave coffee house with all-hat-wearing* barristas. Since they offer only a small but delicate selection of pastries (see below, I was especially delighted about the sesame date and the curry raisin scone), Café Stella just next to it is a better full breakfast option, because they serve the Intelligentsia coffee. By the way, Intelligentsia wins, at least for me, the LA third wave coffee competition against La Mill, a place on Silver Lake Blvd which is way too polished and then again bland for my taste.
Café Stella is a french bistro that seems to be always packed, so you might have to wait a little to get a table. Of course we chose the poached eggs for breakfast, I decided to get a simple version with sour dough bread and my friend took the eggs benedict. Both a little short on salt, the eggs were beautifully done, cooked egg white, runny golden yellow yolk.
We left Los Angeles to drive up north via Big Sur to San Francisco, also known as the world’s greatest road trip and yes, that might be true. But more on that later.

* this fun fact is based on a three-days-in-a-row observation and might be completely false.

Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee

3922 West Sunset Blvd

90029 Los Angeles Silver Lake

Opening Hours:

Sun–Wed 6:00–20:00;
Thu–Sat 6:00–23:00


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  1. Avidan Ross on


    so great to find your blog. you spent time on the road down the street from my house to find intelligentsia, and we are now headed to berlin to find great food and espresso!
    next time you are in the silverlake area, try proof bakery (home of cognoscenti), go to G&B coffee (a breakaway from Intelli), and Handsome Roasters (Mike Phillips, World Champ!)
    next week, we get to try the barn, 5 elephants, and all the other great recommendations!
    should we bring some beans from handsome roasters? its not so often that you get coffee from a world barista champion.

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