In Love: San Francisco

I instantly fell in love with San Francisco. No doubt about it, this city is a lot more comparable to Berlin than LA is, and it might just also fulfill more of my expectations of an urban life, since there’s actually life on the streets. Sadly, we chose a more than bad timing for our visit, we stayed over Thanksgiving, when everything was closed. As in: everything. All day. Would have loved to try for example Bi-Rite, or some of the other great joints you encounter by just walking through the streets. A lucky find was Mission Chinese, the line in front of it made us curious. So we wrote our name on the list hanging outside and waited to get a table. It took quite some time, but was worth it – it was the best Chinese food I ever had. Although I have to add my Chinese food expertise is limited. Many I asked agreed, though.*
We spent Thanksgiving walking over the Bridge, as did many others, but maybe not as many as on any other day. It’s beautiful, despite its image being so widely known, the reality is even better. Just one downside, it’s dreadfully loud on there. It’s like walking next to a six lane street with cars going a steady 45mph.
I need to come back as soon as possible to experience all the beautiful things this city has on offer, until then, the bay has to unfortunately remain wrongfully underrepresented on this blog.

*Sadly, many restaurants here have a rather dimly lit dining room, so many times, taking photos is just impossible.


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  1. Lauren Brewer on


    So glad you enjoyed our fair city! I hope you have a chance to come back on a non-holiday. At any rate, Mission Chinese was an excellent find for Thanksgiving Day when most everything is closed.


  2. Milly. on


    Aw such a shame that everything was closed! Living here for the year I can truly vouch just how brilliant it really is x

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