On Tour: Biking in Santa Monica

On our first day we decided to cycle through Santa Monica, an approach that might sound rather weird in a that is basically depending on car rides. Although many roads nowadays got bike lanes, one rarely sees people biking to work / yoga class / the vegan lunch place, but it’s such a nice thing to do and I can only recommend it. A little slowed down by jetlag, there wasn’t much else to do on our first day, we’ve had our first green juice, marveled at the wide range of almond milk at the local Whole Foods (#totesamaze) and bought some cosmetics on Montana Ave.

By the way, I am taking all the pictures here with the new Canon EOS M camera, which I’ve recently received from Canon. It is definitely much lighter and smaller than my usual 5D and I am excited to see what it can do. It features the image quality of a SLR thanks to its 18MP CMOS sensor technology. I’m using the 22mm and the 18-55mm lense for shooting, the pictures in this post were made with the latter. The usage is surprisingly simple and quickly learned, while one can use the manual mode to do all the adjustments, the camera offers some quite well working automatic modes. I will post more experiences and pictures throughout the next weeks.

[Post sponsored by Canon (referring to the camera, not the biking)]