On Tour: A Drybar in West Hollywood

Of course, we went to a / the drybar. And of course, we got the American starlet/ popstar/ actress/ whatever look with a whole lot of curls. Every woman looked the same when she left the bar. I felt like a country singer, 20mins later my curls where straight again, Spaghettilocken as we Germans call it. 35$ for 20mins All American girl.

I took this picture of my friend’s curls on a rainy day in the hills while hunting case study houses, using the Canon EOS M and the 22mm lense in “creative automatic” mode, again.

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  1. Isa on


    Her hair does look fabulous but I’m not sure if I could be convinced to pay $35 for 20 minutes of fabulosity!La Saloperie Holiday Special

  2. Mark St James on


    It may be 20 Minutes, but they’re the most beautiful 20 minutes of curly hair money can buy!Great pic!Fashion Blogger Mark St. JamesMarquis of FashionHttp://www.fashionbloginc.com

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