On Tour: John Lautner’s Chemosphere

We’ve been trying to visit architectural landmarks, especially private houses, since we came here, but most of them are not visible from the street level, so many of our trips weren’t very successful. Of course, one can book tours and this seems to be the only way to actually visit the premises, I mean, at least we tried. The first architectural sight we’ve really seen is John Lautner’s Chemosphere house, a beautiful ufo-like structure resting on a single concrete pole, located just off Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. It felt almost weird to finally see one of the landmarks, especially with the oldtimer in the driveway. The house was bought in the end of the 90s by Benedikt and Angelika Taschen, maybe we should have just rang the bell and say hi?
If you’re wondering about the lack of sunshine in the photo, the whole day had rather bad weather, with an overcast sky and ongoing rain, so all the Angelenos were very excited, we were just annoyed.


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