Archive: November 2012

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Food in Venice: Gjelina

We spent the morning of the second day how we ended our first day, cycling around. This time along the Pacific Ocean down to Venice Beach, which was nicely deserted around this time of day. After watching dolphins (!), pelicans and surfers, we decided to have lunch on Abbot Kinney Blvd at Gjelina, taking advice from my dear Julia.

On Tour: Biking in Santa Monica

On our first day we decided to cycle through Santa Monica, an approach that might sound rather weird in a that is basically depending on car rides. Although many roads nowadays got bike lanes, one rarely sees people biking to work / yoga class / the vegan lunch place, but it’s such a nice thing to do and I can only recommend it.

On Tour: Hello California!

Dear lovely readers,

I decided to travel a little with one of my dear friends and a short poll on facebook and twitter resulted in a vote for you wanting to come with me rather than read scheduled Berlin-posts. So be ready for some Californian content, but in case you can’t survive without Berlin content for the two weeks to come, I suggest you visit one of those fabulous Berlin blogs:

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