At Home: Vladimir Karaleev

I must admit, there have been way too few people on this blog, that once started out with only people. But my travels, the store and many other exciting new things have kept me from taking portraits, somehow. This shall have an end now! And how better to restart than with an at home portrait I wanted to take for so long!

Readers of this blog will know him already and also maybe very well, Vladimir Karaleev is one of the most promising young designers we have, in my humble opinion (and also in the opinion of the stilinberlin store shoppers, his where the designs we sold the most). He lives on Potsdamer Straße, this infamous district which art people try to push in popularity for whatever reason, although Vladimir considers the hype to be already over and done. His is a typical Berlin Altbau apartment, with ceilings so much higher than in Mitte and Kreuzberg (combined), despite being on the top floor of the backyard building (imagine the apartments in the bel etage of the front building!).
Although he’s been living here for quite some time, his apartment has almost no furniture, no kitchen table, no proper kitchen anyway, and he kept on telling me that his apartment is not representative in any way, not even interesting, since he spends most of his time in his studio. Still, I insisted on visiting and this one picture* by the kitchen window tells all so much about him and his style.
Of course I couldn’t resist asking him about his plans for the coming collection, and hearing that he’s going to present a full menswear collection along with the women’s will certainly made me very excited for his show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin coming January!

*In fact, most of the people I visit for the At Home stories don’t own all glammed up apartments, impeccably designed from the front door to the bathroom window. Some do, though.


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