Back in Berlin

I am back in Berlin, fighting a dirty fight against jet lag (literally passing out at 8pm, only to be wide awake at 1.30am) and the ice cold weather doesn’t really help. Slowly though, I am adjusting and hope posting about this rough city will proceed soon.


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  1. M on


    Thanks for posting! I can see the bridge that I used to cross from Wrangelstrasse til Friedrichshain, Overbaumbrücke, and the atmosphear looks cold, even behind the screen.I did not know this great blog, I found it through a “ranking of the best fashion blogs”Best wishes!

    1. Manjot Nandrey on

      hey..hi can please tell me how should i start blogging , though i have an account but i want it to grow i should i give it a kick start help a beginer like me. Let me know what should i do to publicize my blogs.I love writing but dont know how to link my blogs or dont know how readers come across blogs .Help

  2. Manjot Nandrey on


    Berlin seems to be a beautiful place….once i dreamt that i went to Berlin.

  3. Milly. on


    Eek, I hope you feel better. Berlin is on my list of places to go once I return from my year in San Francisco! x

  4. James on


    Jet lag always used to affect me and I found sleeping meds only made things worse. I definitely recommend trying to sleep as much as possible around the local bedtime, even four hours can make a huge difference!

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