Food in Berlin: YamYam

It’s cold in Berlin, with loads of snow and ice. And all I want to eat are heart warming soups with spicy broths or sizzling bowls with hot ingredients. Easy way to get that in Mitte is going to YamYam, this neat and cosy Korean deli at Rosa Luxemburg Platz. The same space previously housed the renown Best Shop, one of the earliest concept stores for Scandinavian and local fashion in Berlin, invented and run by Sumi Ha. When Sumi decided to skip fashion and transform the place to a Korean deli, people where first shocked and also a little bit sad about the loss (talking about myself here), but YamYam quickly convinced the crowd after its opening and has gained and kept a devoted following ever since.

The place is crowded during lunch time, so it’s always a little more advisable to visit after 2pm. What you shouldn’t miss is their Bibimbap that comes in a sizzling hot earthen bowl (pictured above, 8 Euros), their spinach with sesame sauce (2,50 Euros) and the kimchi soup (6,90 Euros), the latter being my absolut favorit with its heating spices. This little deli is one of my favorit Mitte places, one of those I return to regularly since I first discovered them and seem to never grow tired of.

PS, some people are not as lucky and suffer from the current cold, if you want to help, donate to Berliner Kältehilfe on!

stilinberlin yamyam-2 stilinberlin yamyam-3


Alte Schönhauser Straße 6,

10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 12:00–24:00
Sun 13:00–23:00


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  1. Patricia ♥ on


    Wah, it looks so delicious, especially if you’re home alone and sick ;'( Yum~

  2. Anice on


    Yam Yam is very goooooood!!!

  3. H, on


    love it, went there last year, the food is divine!

  4. Eduardo Lunhino on


    wow thats look delicious !

  5. Viola Jung on


    Yum Yum in berlin doesn’t taste good.
    As a korean, i would recommend some other places.
    “Hanok” is very good.

  6. Änniken on


    If you like the taste of yamyam, then you will like Mr Wang too. Tauroggener Straße in Wilmersdorf. The taste of the dishes is original korean!!!

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