Food in Los Angeles: Norms

On my last days in LA, I was accompanied by Miss Pet Fanclub, who was more than willing to screw all those vegan, raw, organic restaurants and go for the real deal: a full on all-american breakfast. So we went to Norms on La Cienaga, which is not only known to be a quintessential American diner, but is housed in a 1957 Googie architecture by Eldon Davis..
So what did we get? We started with hash browns and eggs, Kira also got three kinds of meat, sausage, bacon and grilled ham (as in: why not?). That was obviously followed by pancakes and french toast (3 of them, actually), both topped with salty butter and to be swept with sirup. What should I say, we finished it all, although this was some kind of challenge (the complimentary and never stopping refill of coffee and diet coke might have helped). Except for the grilled jalapeno, which I only dared to try in the beginning. We felt completely filled up until dinner later that day, and I certainly wouldn’t eat that weekly, let alone daily, but I enjoyed what I consider to be a quintessential American experienced I missed out until then (exception: a milk shake and fries at Mel’s before the drybar).



470 North La Cienega Blvd.

90048 West Hollywood, CA

Opening Hours:



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  1. Laura Girard on


    It looks delicious !!New post on my blog, check it out :)

  2. Duck on


    Breakfast is probably the only meal I’d prefer to eat in American than anywhere else…

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