Food in Silver Lake: Flore

My final dinner in LA turned out to be vegan again – we spontaneously headed to Flore, a small but great vegan place on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake. Los Angeles is all about vegan food, many places offer vegan dishes, at almost every corner you’ll find an organic, raw and vegan restaurant. I tested many of them, maybe never had as much kale as I had during those three weeks (and I eat much of it already in Berlin, believe me), some were disappointing, some were seriously great. There’s no problem to find fine and healthy food in this vast city, and the crowd this special food attracts is quite varied, from older seniors enjoying their dinner to new age hippies and frat boys (no joke).
At Flore, I chose a housemade ginger ale and a quintessential american sandwich, a reuben – which means corned beef, sauerkraut and cheese on rye bread. The vegan version included tempeh, sauerkraut and something I usually dismiss, cashew cheese. The latter because I usually dislike it thanks to an overly nutty flavor. In this case there was no need to worry about that, the sandwich was just delicious. As was the bowl my friends had, with the obvious kale and tofu. Surprisingly so, our very friendly and competent waiter (it’s not easy to find good service in LA, many are super welcoming, but also quite confused and forgetful) brought a carrot cupcake for dessert. I’d definitely come back.



3818 West Sunset Boulevard

CA 900 Los Angeles Silver Lake

Opening Hours:

Mon: 11h–16h
Tue–Fri: 11h–22h
Sat–Sun: 10h–22h


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    Hmmmmnnn… This sure looks delicious.

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