Shop in Berlin: International Wardrobe

While Berlin might have some work to do in terms of highly specialized and high quality food stores, the fashion landscape is already way ahead. And that this is still possible in Mitte, the district with the ridiculous new architecture, urban development plans and the rise in rents resulting from this, proofs this small new store called International Wardrobe in Almstadtstraße. Katharina Koppenwallner’s concept is as simple as endearing – she sells the many clothes and objects she collected during her various travels to Romania and China.

It’s certainly the colors, that will strike you when entering the store. The traditional embroidered and embellished blouses, skirts and jackets are bursting with color in contrast to the clean and all white interior. Besides clothing, Katharina has a huge selection of very colorful embroidered cushions and smaller accessories and objects. On a closer look the effort and time that is needed to create all of these pieces can only be inspiring. Everything is hand-made in small communities, from whom Katharina buys a certain stock to bring it to Berlin.

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A seasonal specialty are these christmas cribs from Krakow called Szopka, handmade from colorful tinfoil and modeled after the Krakow St Mary’s Basilica. Every December, there’s a huge competition in Krakow for the most beautiful Szopka, where people bring cribs that can be two metres high and three metres wide. The ones you see here are more for your christmas home decoration, get them while they’re still there, they are only 40 Euros!

Katharina also offers a selection of vintage Kimonos in the back of her store, all for surprisingly low prices (around 150-180 Euros). If you read my christmas gift list, you already know that this tiny shop is perfect for your needs, if you didn’t you know now!

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Katharina Koppenwallner in her store

International Wardrobe

International Wardrobe

Almstadtstraße 50

10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Thu–Sat 12:00–19:00