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Archive: 2012

Shop in Berlin NOW: Lil Shop (closed)

Mitte’s rough Brunnenstraße is under constant construction, shops open, then they close, noodle bars open as do pink jewelry shops, while Spätis turn into giant late-night-entertainment-shops. One of the gems is now leaving, Lil’ Shop, the successor of the renown Comme des Garcons guerilla pop-up-stores (back in the days when this title still meant something).

Guide: The best shops for Christmas gifts in Berlin

For some of you this little list might come way too late. For others, like myself, who just started to think about Christmas gifts this week, it might be a lot of help. Of course, there are loads of other options to get the perfect gift, it just happens that these are my favorits, the ones I rely on. Hope they’ll help you as much as they helped me. Have a merry holiday!

Food in Berlin: Yarok

The myth of Berlin’s multiculturalism, its mix of many different cultures and nationalities prevails as one of its current perks. While it’s actually a very German, very white society shaping this city, and more of a coexistence of several ethnic groups rather than a real mixture. This Berlin (or German) characteristic gets all the more clear to me when travelling and seeing cities with an actual diverse community.
However the various residents of Berlin mostly mix in one certain place – an arabic food vendor.

Food in Berlin: YamYam

It’s cold in Berlin, with loads of snow and ice. And all I want to eat are heart warming soups with spicy broths or sizzling bowls with hot ingredients. Easy way to get that in Mitte is going to YamYam, this neat and cosy Korean deli at Rosa Luxemburg Platz.

Back in Berlin

I am back in Berlin, fighting a dirty fight against jet lag (literally passing out at 8pm, only to be wide awake at 1.30am) and the ice cold weather doesn’t really help. Slowly though, I am adjusting and hope posting about this rough city will proceed soon.