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Archive: 2013

Best of: The most read articles of 2013

Is it just me or did the second half of 2013 go by in what felt like two seconds? Wasn’t it just summer? Inevitably, the year is over. And despite some minor and major confusions, it’s been a good year I’d say. Not only for me personally, but for this blog as well. The food section turned out to be the most popular, is by now kind of dominating all the others and had a grand finale in December’s first Berlin’s Best Bread competition. But shopping at the independent Berlin boutiques is still on our list, as is local fashion and art, and then there was the tremendously successful clothing donation event Warm Up!
I am also very glad you readers welcomed a new author, Toby Ashraf, presenting small films in his column Discover This (don’t miss his best of 2013 films list here!).

2014 will see some changes for this very blog (as every year), you might meet new authors and new topics, nevertheless, the focus will stay the same: portray Berlin in all its contemporary beauty.

Guten Rutsch and Happy New Year!

Discover This: Best of 2013

Children of the dark rooms and the lit screens, it is time to look back and remember some of the highlights of 2013. Personally, it has been an enjoyable but rough year for me, but thanks to my friend Mary I got my own English-language column on this very blog which I couldn’t be happier about. It’s also time to thank you, the readers, for your interest and your comments, for sharing the enthusiasm, and for being open to new discoveries. Thanks, lovely Cristian Gonzalez, for going over all my texts and saying things like “it’s grammatically correct, but I have no idea what you want to say.” Finally, thank you, distributors, cinemas and movie-goers for keeping film culture in Berlin and elsewhere alive. I have put together 11 of my favourite films of the year and have also tried to tell you where in Berlin and how you can get access to them in case you want to discover or re-watch them now. Film-wise, 2014 has some amazing surprises in store and I can’t wait to share them with you, but first, let’s take a look at the amazing year that lies behind us …

Discover This: The Singing Ringing Tree

It’s all smoke and mirrors – cinema, that is- and magic. Sometimes, when you watch too many films – like myself- you tend to forget that magic exists. Luckily, every so often, and regularly around Christmas time, there are re-runs of classic films whose magic is made for the holidays and will be best seen on a majestic screen like the one hidden behind two glitter curtains at the Kino International this Christmas day. The Singing Ringing Tree is one of my all-time favourite films and once you see the haughty princess being high-jacked by a bear in a fabulously camp studio setting, you will know what I am talking about…

berlins best bread tasting

Berlin’s Best Bread: 2014

Back in Paris this summer, I very much enjoyed the official second best croissant in town at Sébastien Gaudard, and during my short trip to London in autumn, I was happy to have an prize-winning sandwich shop around the corner. It was back then, that I first wondered why there are no food awards in Berlin. In a flash, the idea of the Berlin’s Best Bread competition was born, and last week it was actually put into action.

Weekend Plans

It’s Christmas, y’all. The city is illuminated, the temperatures are low, the spirit is high from Glühwein, and another weekend full of Christmas markets and jolly joys is coming up. Here are four short recommendations: