At Home: Leena Zimmermann

When I first met Leena, I was instantly amazed by her elegant and yet so contemporary style and charisma. I immediately wanted to photograph her – but it took me quite some time to persuade her, since she doesn’t like being pictured. When I visited her in her Mitte apartment, we spend an hour chatting about her job, Berlin, life and fashion, before I took my camera to take this candid shot. And when I send her a selection of pictures, out of all the more “posed” shots we took, she chose this one image, which I initially called an “outtake”, because I thought she might consider it to be too intimate. Needless to say I was more than happy, when she asked me to publish this one.

Leena is a stylist, among many others she works with Hannah Herzsprung, Pheline Roggan and Nora Tschirner. What makes her so successful is first and foremost her ability to create a very personal and unique look for each client, neither trying to force an unsuitable image onto someone, nor persuading them to wear something just because it’s “on trend”. While a job like this sounds rather glamourous, instead of piling up fancy clothes and play dress-up her work is a lot about developing a personal relationship to and understanding of each client’s character and individual perception, .

I portrayed her in her living room, she wears a Dries van Noten cardigan and Sabrina Dehoff jewelry.


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  1. Denisa on


    I really like how you did change the look of your blog. Perfect job and I like to read interviwes like that. Is always inspirative. Have a great weekend.

  2. Gerlinde Lang on


    Ich war gerade auf der Suche nach Leena und ihrer Arbeit – und Du hattest sie natürlich schon längst porträtiert! Das wäre was, die Frau Zimmermann mal zu engagieren. Was das wohl kostet?

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