At Home: Maryam Zaree

Maryam Zaree just moved into her new apartment in Kreuzberg, a beautiful two-room flat in a rather dull building from the 50s. After finding the spot, she had the somewhat dark and narrow floor plan completely remodeled after her own plans to give the space a very bright and airy feeling with its light grey floor and white walls. Although the work is far from finished, I already am convinced by the minimal feel and look of her apartment, being so different from the all too present “Altbau-Look” you find in Berlin.

Maryam is an actress who works in theater as well as in film, I met her at a dinner with friends and instantly liked her open-hearted and warm personality. She just recently finished working on a film with Tayfun Pipirselimoglu in Istanbul and is also playing in “Beg Your Pardon” at Ballhaus Naunynstraße. And we share a dear friend, Vladimir Karaleev, for whom she modeled in his current look-book and who’s clothing she often wears.

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  1. Sasha on


    I love the whole feel of this apartment and the grey is a great remedy for sad floors (and one I might try myself).

  2. Ashley on


    Loving this apartment, can I move in tomorrow? The bright and extensive book collection brings it all together.

  3. SSL on


    What an incredible space! Wonderful photographs of a truly inspirational creation.

  4. lens & anything else on


    totally in love with her flat and style…simple but with a lot of character!!

  5. nuno lobato on


    so relaxed and I love the chairs.

  6. farideh eskandari on


    What a lovely and simple apartment .I wish to live there happily and enjoy your life.

  7. Sabine OBERTI on


    Un très bel espace où Bertoia cotoie des chaises d’ècole face à une bibliothèque comme on les aime : une fenetre sur le monde ..
    Et vive les renoncules , la tache de couleur qui accompagne une belle theière fumante ..
    J’arrive ….

  8. Into the Fashion on


    …difficult to create a clean yet interesting space ..

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