Event: Vogue Fashion Night

Karlie Kloss

I was once again asked by Vogue Germany to photograph their seasonal reception at Borchardt. Even more pictures are now up on their website.

Angelica Blechschmidt and Christiane Arp
Angelica Blechschmidt and Christiane Arp
vogue -46
Marcus Luft
Marcus Luft
Kathleen Schwiezke
Karla Otto Jefferson Hack Ryan McGinley
Karla Otto, Jefferson Hack and Ryan McGinley
Jen Gilpin Maxime Ballesteros
Couple of the Century – Jen Gilpin and Maxime Ballesteros
Erin O'Connor
The ever alluring Erin O’Connor
Annelie Augustin Odelie Teboul Michael Sontag
Annelie Augustin Odelie Teboul and Michael Sontag


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