Food in Berlin: Café Valentin

Blåbärssoppa and half eaten cookies at Café Valentin.

One particularly grey, dark and wet day in January, I was walking around Sanderstraße to check some new places I heard about. My mood got increasingly darker, many of the locations turned out to be less interesting than I hoped… Until I found this small Swedish café and dared to enter, although it was completely empty (which usually isn’t a very good sign). Greeted by the lovely owner, I immediately went for the unknown thing on the menu, Blåbärssoppa – a thick drink made from bilberries, water and sugar. A heart warming drink that is to be enjoyed slow and will lighten up your mind – the more I drank, the more my mood got back on a level of “being quite okay”, which is a great thing during Berlin’s winter.

stilinberlin cafe valentin-3

Alongside the bilberry drink, this small café is already famous for its many Swedish baked treats. I was lucky enough to arrive in time for some freshly baked Kanelbullar, cinammon buns, which were among the best I had so far in Berlin. In fact, every cookie and cake I had here was very good and definitely calls for coming back here, as soon as I am in the area.

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Café Valentin

Café Valentin

Sanderstraße 13

12047 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Wed–Sat 10:00–18:00
Sun 11:00–18:00


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  1. letizia on


    such a lovely place!

  2. okomody on


    mmmm…. bon appetit ;)

  3. Sasha on


    I cannot resist Swedish baked goods. This place looks like a real gem and I will certainly visit it the next time I’m in Berlin!

  4. James Cook on


    This place is my local cafe when i am in Berlin! The description you provided is totally accurate. I recommend the place, it’s food and it’s host for soul nourishing, healthy, feel good food…

  5. Cesi on


    Lecker, da werden wir auch bald mal hin :) Fast so schön…

  6. Björn on


    Looks really nice! Nice pictures. Genuine style.

  7. Tamara on


    After a year living in Berlin I never got to know Neukölln, and this looks like a place I should definitely visit whenever I am back in town!

  8. Zure on


    Yummy, looks delicious.

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