Food in Berlin: Pauly Saal for Lunch

I’ve been writing about Pauly Saal before, and since then had a lot of discussions about it with other people about the quality and the pricing of the food there, which some think don’t go very well together. Judging the appropriateness of prices is hard, especially in Berlin, where every entrée over 15 Euros is considered expensive (and every falafel sandwich over 4 Euros for that matter).
Still, I think the food is fantastic – the vegetarian option I had for lunch was a salad (8 Euros) followed by pearl barley risotto with greens and those black mushrooms, whose name I forgot, with a very balanced yet creative taste (15 Euros). The desert included quinces and therefor was a winner for me anyway (I’m still on the quince-hype, which I think should’ve lasted a lot longer than it did). So I’d say yes, it’s worth it.

stilinberlin pauly saal-1
stilinberlin pauly saal-3
Pauly Saal

Pauly Saal

Auguststraße 11–13

10117 Berlin Mitte

Oranienburger Straße

Opening Hours:

Mon–Thu from 18:00
Fri–Sat 12:00–14:00, from 18:00


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  1. annton beate Schmidt on


    you’re right, good food and prices is a tricky thing in berlin. I strongly believe, not everything has to be expensive, but we need to start valuing great quality too. like the food at Pauly Saal. good stuff costs money & it is worth saving a little for it. happy new year & thank you for all those wonderful posts!

  2. Kerstin on


    Happy new year. First I would thank you too for this blog. I kinda follow your restaurant tipps for Berlin. I planned to go to Pauly Saal before christmas but my guest want to go to a different place. I still cant believe that I let dicatate them my birthday by going to a stupid steakhouse. Yeah, I know. But my point it was expensive and bad. nothing special, no nice memories. So I prefer your choice and agree with this point of view.

  3. Dressed with soul on


    Oh, this prices are really good – bavarian level.

  4. the karl lady on


    Oh mein Gott! Ich will in dieses restaurant essen!
    Liebe gruss aus Paris!

  5. Jass Saini on


    last look extremely delicious. I wish i can eat it

  6. Clemens Goldberg on


    I really do appreciate your lovely site. However I beg to disagree with your description of price-value at Pauly Saal. I just judge from your photos: a small green salad with nothing special: where was the creativity to serve it for 8 Euros? some nice and crunchy stuff. e. g.? The barley risotto looks quite nice. It’s looks like three table spoons. Yes, I know, it’s lunch, but still I find this mania of birds portions in better restaurants quite silly. It does not cost more to just put an ordinary portion for a grown man on the plate. 15E? ok, if I am not leaving hungry or have to eat bread with it, which is the worst kind of carbohydrates…!
    The quince does look delicious, you did not mention the price though…

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      It’s really hard making a judgement on whether prices are adequate or not by just looking at a picture and I would suggest one doesn’t. I totally understand someone can’t or just won’t pay that price, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of this world that some people do.

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