Food in Berlin: Wok Show

Crispy crunchy jiaozi, or pot stickers

At a recent Soho House reading, Luisa Weiss (also known as the Wednesday Chef) was lamenting the lack of cheap and plentiful dumplings in Berlin. Squeezed in the last free seat at the back of the crowd, I found myself nodding in vehement agreement; I too miss the cheap and soy-saucy lunches I used to have in New York’s Roosevelt Park, a little oasis between Chinatown and the LES. The glutinous and crispy packets of pork and shrimp packed tightly in a plastic container, the liberal squeezes of sriracha sauce…

But then I remembered my almost-Pankow days, strolling home from Schönhauser Allee station along a back street and ducking into Wok Show for lunch or dinner, any time of day really; dumplings are always welcome, as far as I’m concerned. And at the entirely unpretentious Wok Show they come by the twenty, steamed or pan-fried, vegetarian even–though my favorite is a mixed order of the classic Sanxian and lamb dumplings, forty in total, liberally doused in red chilies, vinegar, and soy sauce.

Wok Show appetizers

Order twenty per person, even if that sounds crazy, you’ll eat them all, and you’d do well to get an appetizer or two as well; I’ve been trying to reproduce their garlicky cucumbers at home, but at Wok Show they’re always better, goshdarnit. If you don’t mind tiny little dried shrimp staring at you in gazillions, get the tofu and spring onions appetizer as well, the clashing textures and the fresh/salty flavors are a marvelous accompaniment to your very own Berlin dumpling feast.

Fried pineapple with ice cream for dessert Fishbowl decor
Wok Show

Wok Show

Greifenhagener Strasse 31

10437 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Schönhauser Allee

Opening Hours:

Mon–Thu 17:00–22:30
Fri–Sun 12:30–22:30


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