On the Runway: Martin Niklas Wieser

Although I know about the young designer Martin Niklas Wieser for quite some time, I saw his designs for the first time at his presentation yesterday. He developed an all-white collection that is based on the idea of the repetition of useless acts out of which a new attention for detail might be resulting. Whereas this might sound a little too conceptual, the fashion itself is a striking example of how unisex clothing can work. Long tunic shirts are combined with straight pants and coats. The combination of those results in perfect layers of different shades of white, some of them with a silver finish.

Martin Niklas Wieser just started his career, it will definitely be interesting to see what he’s coming up with in the future.

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  1. Jass Saini on


    Its giving a look of Indian type of cloth like kurta pajama. Great outfit i must say

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