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Food in Berlin: Mamecha Café

This small café is truly Japanese – they serve a big selection of Japanese teas, from Sencha to Hojicha and Genmaicha, and a small choice of food. The perfect lunch option are their bento boxes, that come with a very delicious and gentle Miso soup, a portion of rice, vegetarian gyoza, pickled vegetables and a salad. Its very quiet and certainly rather demure in style, the interior is not fancy, but who needs that when the food is that good. They don’t do sushi at all, and are very wise to do.

Guide: Winter 2013

Oh well, winter in Berlin is a grumpy and grim beast, only here to diminish our love for this city that turns into a grey slush as soon as September ends. There’s no way to sugarcoat the hard times between October and April and I surely wouldn’t recommend anyone to visit now – however, some of us live here and there actually are ways to sooth the pain.

Pretty enjoyable ways I’d even say, nightlife is never as excessive and fatal as during never ending winter nights, most of heavy German food is actually only to be savored when a chunky knit hides its consequences the next day and there are tons of beautiful cinemas to spend continuous days without sunshine in. Nevertheless I shied away from writing an actual guide until now (whereas I’ve done several funny-sunny summer guides…), preferring to indulge in bored melancholia and wishful thinking of glorious summer days. Still, attack is the best form of defense, so bring it on you icy bitch!

Food in Berlin: Pauly Saal for Lunch

I’ve been writing about Pauly Saal before, and since then had a lot of discussions about it with other people about the quality and the pricing of the food there, which some think don’t go very well together. Judging the appropriateness of prices is hard, especially in Berlin, where every entrée over 15 Euros is considered expensive (and every falafel sandwich over 4 Euros for that matter).

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