Stil in Berlin: The Relaunch

All NEw!

Welcome to the new Stil in Berlin – after seven years of basically no design, this blog has made a huge step forward and we now finally have a serious design, structure and layout.

When I started to think about the new concept, it quickly became clear these new ideas were impossible to implement under the former blogspot structure, so after almost seven years of blogging under Google’s very cosy roof and its Blogger system, I made the noteworthy decision to leave those safe grounds and continue this blog on its own server. Hopefully, not too much has been lost in the transition. Certainly this has offered me the opportunity to include the best new feature here, the MAP. All of the locations that have been and will be recommended here you can now easily access via the new map.

Furthermore I have worked through all the posts of the past few years, editing and adjusting them to the new layout and particularly adding new tags like “soup” or “menswear” for the location entries or “all black” for the huge archive of streetstyle pictures – which is where I have to admit I haven’t yet edited all of those, please bear with me while I work on them in the coming weeks.

Take a look around, get adjusted to the new look and feel and check out all new features. And please don’t forget to send us your feedback or any faults you’re encountering, preferably in the comment section below. I hope you like what we’ve done, and with “we” I mean Julian Stahl, who created, developed and finally implemented the new design. You can find other examples of his work on his website.


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  1. Anna on


    Sehr schön, mir gefallen die Kategorien in der Navigation. Jetzt kann man sich besser orientieren. :)

  2. Vincent on



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