Food in Berlin: Einstein Stammhaus

To have breakfast in Berlin, a constant struggle… While, or maybe because it was once known as a quintessential “brunch-city”, Berlin is flooded with places offering breakfast, but only few of them seem worthy to me.

One of the classics (not only for breakfast) is certainly Einstein, a Kaffeehaus in Viennese style located in the Henny Porten Villa on the quieter end of Kurfürstenstraße in Tiergarten. With its beautiful old interior and a wonderful garden during summertimes, the café is constantly crowded and bustling with waiters in classic black and white attire.

But its not only the chic interior and its elegant waiters that would make me and my friends take the tour from the other side of the Tiergarten and form a queue at the entrance, patiently waiting to be seated at one of their tables with a marble top. And of course my friends order the breakfast served on an étagère (25,50 Euro for 2), this fancy way of serving, reminiscent of bourgeois tea time, an approach I very much appreciate (if the design of the étagères used at Einstein just wouldn’t be so… dull). The two plates are filled with cheese and ham, yoghurt with fruit, salmon, horseradish, curried chicken, fresh cheese and fruits. Certainly enough for two or even three, and a highly popular option on their breakfast menu.


Anyway, I prefer my breakfast more compact and ordered the omelette with spinach and feta on house-made malt bread and topped with arugula (8,50 Euro). A heavy option, but very tasty with the classic spinach-feta-egg combination and perfectly finalized with a stolen yoghurt from my friends étagère.

Einstein is one of those institutions you have to have visited, not necessarily because of the food, which is fine, but not outstanding, but thanks to its classic chic and atmosphere.

Café Einstein Stammhaus

Café Einstein Stammhaus

Kurfürstenstraße 58

10785 Berlin Tiergarten


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sun 08:00–24:00


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  1. Sasha on


    Einstein got me hooked on serving freshly grated horseradish with meats and cheeses for breakfast. This place is a real classic!

  2. Denisa on


    Oo, that place looks really great. I like how I can see more places that I have newer been. Good job and nice weekend to all.

  3. Tina on


    This looks delicious :)

  4. schurrmurr on


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