In the Kitchen: Town, Honolulu

I must admit, I was lucky to be referred to the amazing Town restaurant on Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki, Honolulu very early on this trip by a generous local and have had the possibility to eat there various times during our stay on the island.
Founded in 2005 by Ed Kenney and supplied by MA’O Organic Farms from the West of O’ahu, the restaurant runs by the mantra “Local first, organic whenever possible, with Aloha always” and offers a daily changing menu that can be called “New American Kitchen” (in Berlin, Little Otik serves as an outstanding example for this kind of cooking). With a strong focus on ingredients, the menu is developed by the chef on duty and dictated by the market’s offers, resulting in flavorful and beautiful produce filling your plate in a mix of traditional Hawaiian and contemporary preparation – like their fabulous ahi (tuna) tartare on risotto cakes, a convincing spin on the local favorit poke, a raw tuna salad with shallots, scallions, soy sauce and sesame, or their entrees featuring a medium raw tuna with kalo (Hawaiian for taro, more on that later) and roasted tomato. I wish I could just pack Town up and bring it to Berlin, it’s so refreshing to see a restaurant use local produce and traditional recipes to create inspiring and contemporary dishes.

town honolulu-8

After feasting several times on their dainty food, I dared to ask wether I could spend some time in their kitchen to shoot, following their way of treating and preparing the much praised produce. This is the lovely result, you’ll see sous chef Alika Chung and line cook Raywan Juan play the kitchen during lunch service, while chef de cuisine Dave Caldiero gets his hands on the bread for the night.

town honolulu-20

There are some mouth-watering pictures coming up, maybe you want to make lunch-plans early?

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  1. Florian Duijsens on


    So tasty looking! I love the tie-dye socks too, of course.

  2. annton on


    ok, no way to denie it; I am officially in LOVE!

  3. kerstin zarbock on


    As always – great photos, great post. Thanks !

  4. Sylee on


    Love the contents of the pan you’ve caught midflight. Happy travels!

  5. Denisa on


    Wow, that looks great and I like that pics. Looks so yummy and perfect post like always. Have a nice day.

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