On the Road: Kapahulu, Honolulu

So here I am in Hawaii, this island so far away from Berlin it never made it on my go-to-list and nevertheless has thanks to innumerable pop-cultural references an image of paradise that is hard to ignore. I am more than happy to be here and experience this remote place on the other side of the world. While I spend my first days mostly with production for the project I’m here for, today was my first day off and I used it to get a bike and get my own perspective of Hawaii.


Actually, Honolulu is quite similar to LA, stretched out on the South-Eastern shore of O’ahu, the city is rather vast and doesn’t necessarily invite you to walk. Except, of course, the tourist-magnet district Waikiki with its skyscraping hotels and malls, which is as interesting as it sounds. Again, I was on the look-out for an area to walk or bike through, finding small shops and restaurants instead of strolling past shiny tourist traps, and I found that in Kapahulu. I was drawn here because of the many restaurants lining the main street, Kapahulu Ave and today I chose Takahashiya Tonkotsu Ramen and had very delicious Ramen noodles with boiled eggs in a rich and creamy broth with so much flavor (726 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu; hours: 11–15.00; 17–22.00). They say its very similar to the Tonkotsu Ramen you get in its motherland, the broth being cooked for hours from pork’s bones. Takahayashi seves nothing else, just Tonkotsu Ramen with choosable toppings like the flavored boiled eggs I love so much.


It was indeed one of my plans to have some of the Japanese food here, since the islands was and is heavily influenced by Japan and this was a great start. After lunch, I headed North up until the end of Kapahulu Ave, walked down Waialae Avenue and finally cycled back to our house further east. I spotted many more interesting places I will have to tell you about another time. Until then, it’s Aloha!

Kapahulu-2 Kapahulu-1


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  1. isabelle angele on


    i’ve never been to honolulu, only to kona hawaii, the big island, but yeah their japanese food is so so yummy. my mom’s roommate from college lives in kona and also showed us some pretty delicious korean food as well haha

  2. Lauren at adorn la femme on


    I’ve never been~ even tho only a short flight from LA! Are you going to other islands? I’m anxious to learn why everyone seems to love Maui the most!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  3. Vale on


    I wish I could be there, too ! Great pics and blog :) I love japanese food ! Greetings from Italy

    Fashion and Cookies

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