On the Road: Koko Head Trail

Besides surfing, sunbathing, snorkeling and all other kinds of sun-related activities, O’ahu offers some quite impressive hikes. Although the subject of this post wouldn’t be called hike by many, it’s more like a workout. Koko crater is located just east of Honolulu, rising up to almost 400m and has an abandoned trail going up on its west side, which people climb up just for fun, sport and for the sake of the breathtaking views from its top.


I kid you not, this climb is exhausting, it’s not only very steep but also very long, at least longer than you would expect when you look up from the bottom. It took me 30mins to get up their and on my way I saw adult men crying, abandoned by their girlfriends who ran ahead. The most exciting part is located half the way up, the trail turns into a bridge, which is not necessarily high above the ground, but my legs where shaking nevertheless.


It’s advisable to get up early to avoid the mass of people and the burning sun (also, wear a hat and sunscreen). Slow and steady wins the race at Koko Head, don’t try to follow locals who hike up Koko Head everyday and enjoy.

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  1. Ken Takel on


    Wow! Looks amazing. Great pictures!

  2. Denisa on


    Wow, that looks amaying and perfect pics. Really magical nature… And perfect to see it real. Nice post. Have a great friday.

  3. Liz on


    What an envy!!!

  4. mary on



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