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I don’t know about you, but whenever I get sick I have my own recovery regime: I pop some paracetamol, make sure I have plenty of tea on tap, and wrap myself up in layers of blankets. To really flush out the flu, though, really sweat and cry out that venom, I need two more things: very sad movies and very spicy food. The combination wreaking perfect havoc on my Kleenex supply, as you can imagine.


Now, my preference for things hot and spicy has already been well documented on this blog, and the very helpful people at Pfefferhaus confirmed that more and more Berliners are getting a taste for it as well. Hurray! The wonderful thing about this shop dedicated entirely to the world of chilies is that they cover the entire spectrum: from the oils and essences that really, actually burn and hurt (safely locked away behind the counter), to the sweeter, only mildly titillating barbecue sauces all the way on the other side of the spacious store. It’s not just for the hardcore, then.


My personal favorites are Marie Sharp’s gorgeous Orange Pulp Habanero sauce, its citrussy flavor a great companion to, say, raw salmon; the canned chipotle pepers in adobe sauce, which are just miraculous in salsas or tacos, meatballs even; and the entire line of El Yucateco sauces, especially the muddy-looking Salsa Kutbil-ik, which go with anything from eggs to peanut-butter sandwiches. There’s plenty of more gimmicky stuff too, but I was most touched by the litte chili pepper sprouts in the window, very gently willing spring to come early this year, and with it, Berlin’s own barbecue season.



Dircksenstraße 94

10178 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 11:00–20:00


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  1. Hein on


    It is a little bit hard to find the right sauce for your own taste. But you could enjoy yourself . Thanks. Keep reaching for those stars in Berlin:-)

  2. Felix Eichholtz on


    Hey! Thanks for your Pfefferhaus report, mixed with theese well made close up photos! All things you wrote are 100% my personal point of view… besides, we offer all interested visitors of our shop a little test session and all further informations to find the right products. Spice up your life!

  3. jędrek on


    Stumbled into here by accident the other day. The shopkeeper was great, didn’t mind that we came in a little after closing (eep) and gave me a little tasting of their most popular sauces. Ended up buying four bottles to take home with me. Great product, great service, highly recommended.

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