The scent of Berlin

Shortly after returning to the dreadful grey of February-Berlin, I received a package from Serge Lutens containing a perfume called La Fille de Berlin – A deep red liquid in the very classic, minimal and elegant Serge Lutens flacon. The french perfumer dared to create a scent dedicated to this complicated yet elating city, centering on a strong rose note with hints of pepper, and states he was inspired by the strength and brave resilience of women during the various struggles Berlin suffered in its younger history. So lucky for me, no smell of dusty vintage cotton or smoky Berghain top notes, but such elegance and pride – La Fille de Berlin evokes a glorious past and demands you to dress up, hold your head up high and strut the city gracefully. A perfect companion to the dress I found at Nightboutique, now I just need an occasion.


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  1. Roubalita on


    The bottle is just my kind with that red-wine like colour and I love the inspiration behind it. I don’t think I will be able to find it in Athens thoug,h so I’ll probably keep wearing my Poison Hypnotic <3
    The dress is simply awesome! I suggest all readers click the link to see it on your instagram feed!

  2. Ricarda on


    A great recommendation, Mary. To me, the mint note is a bit too strong, but maybe I just think so because I lack of sun.

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