At Home: Martin Niklas Wieser & Darryl Natale

These are Martin Niklas Wieser and Darryl Natale in their home in Kreuzberg with their cat Mia and her best friend Totoro. I am quite sure many of you know both of them, Martin because of him being a very talented young fashion designer and Darryl because of the tremendous work he did for this very blog in the past years.

Some of you might have also realized, that his contributions faded in the past month, this is due to the simple fact, that he has taken over a full-time job at voo, handling and creating the visuals for their online shop, which essentially makes him too busy for other projects. Except his thriving career as DJ and party host, you can meet him as the host of a monthly party at Luzia called Benetton Rainbow Complex and of course listen to his mixtapes on Soundcloud.

And to soothe you and me being hurt by him leaving, I show you another picture of Martin’s and Darryl’s crazy yet supercute cat, Mia.

Mia, the cat
Mia, the cat


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