At Home: Melanie Jeske

You know what, we Berliners should all go to Hamburg more often. Seriously, it’s a beautiful city and home to some very smart and very enjoyable people, like Melanie.

I met her for the first time, when she was doing the press for Herr von Eden and introduced me to its creator, Bent Angelo Jensen, little later I met her partner, Uwe Jens Bermeitinger, with whom she’s now doing The Tissue Magazine full-time. So that about the relations, what is even more interesting, is getting to know more about her career in Hamburg, one of Germany’s most important cities when it comes to publishing (the other one is Munich, certainly not Berlin).

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Her way into the fashion and publishing industry is quite funny yet very inspiring. As soon as she graduated from school, she packed her car and drove up North from her small Baden Württemberg hometown to Hamburg. She got a room at a youth hostel and walked up to the reception of the Gruner+Jahr publishing house to ask for a job at women’s magazine Brigitte. And this bold yet naive approach worked, because she was lucky enough that the magazine’s fashion director was at the reception at the same time and liked her courage as well as her style, and hired her. From there she went on to work not only for Brigitte, but later Gala, before she started at Herr von Eden, where she spent the past six years before joining Uwe at Tissue Magazine.

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After over ten years in Hamburg, Melanie today lives just around the corner from the youth hostel she booked her first room at, in a beautiful and bright Altbau apartment not far from Landungsbrücken. She managed to furnish it in a very cosy and adult way, yet I liked all the small playful elements, like the smiling yellow ball or the animal figurines, like the two pigs, that where added to the board the morning we were taking the picture by her five year old son.

And this is why I like Hamburg so much and regret that I’m not visiting regularly (as in: once a month): The very pretty Aussenalster, the exciting harbor district, the smart and fun people and the very delicious food, which is all not even a 2hrs train ride away.

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  1. Sasha on


    I love this story and I think that I need to follow her style when it comes to looking for work!

  2. Kajsa on


    Inspiring :) She obviously did it right. Kajsa

  3. Stéphane on


    The best thing about Berlin is : you can reach Hamburg in 2 hours. Hamburg is reallly the best city in Germany, Berlin is great for a week-end or even a Student’s year but anytime the ugliness and the roughness of this city hurts your soul.

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