At Home: Nella Rieken & Martin Aleith

Visiting Nella and Martin in her Mitte Plattenbau flat turned out to be the perfect Saturday activity – while having a coffee and chat with Nella, her daughter Tessa decided to build a road of books from the living room all the way to the kitchen, and finally invited us for a game of Mensch ärgere Dich nicht, a classic German board game.

stilinberlin nella & martin-3

Turns out Tessa already has a high interest in photography, and a surprisingly good eye for pictures for a four year old. So she opted for taking pictures herself during our short session, instead of focussing on quietly sitting for me.

stilinberlin nella & martin-1

Nella and Martin are both graphic designers, Martin being a part of Pfadfinderei and Nella working as a freelance on various projects. Her latest project is called Ai, a collaboration with artist and cook Oliver Prestele, in which they hand-dye fabrics with natural indigo from Japan.

stilinberlin nella & martin-6

The little family and their two cats lives in a Plattenbau at Friedrichstraße, a rather odd area they like because it’s as central and bustling as it’s anonymous and private. I instantly felt comfortable in the flair of their home – while it certainly does have some peculiar objects decorating the rooms, like the wooden turtle from the opera fund or the bag of tennis balls hanging on the window, it doesn’t feel overly styled or meticulously arranged.

stilinberlin nella & martin-7