Lunch in Berlin: Hashi Izakaya

Update: Permanently Closed.

Still looking for a lunch place for this snow covered, yet slightly sunny day? Hashi Izakaya might meet your hopes for a warming yet enlivening dish, like the Udon soup pictured above in the veggie version. Although I heard, that the beef version’s broth is a lot heartier, the fresh noodles and vegetables make a great and healthy lunch option in this Japanese place just below a gym in this rather weird corner building.

Some might also call their interior rather weird, especially their ceiling decoration with innumerous chopsticks hanging down in a wave structure. I (yet again) heard, it makes some people dizzy just looking at it.

Green tea ice cream for dessert at lunch time, because you can.
Green tea ice cream for dessert at lunch time, because you can.

While the name Izakaya actually and literally means a “place to sit and drink sake”, there’s no need to booze up here, the focus is definitely on the food with an extensive menu of bigger and smaller Japanese dishes (see the menu here), that are best ordered in a group. (And to close this small Japanese lection, Hashi means chopsticks.)

My highlight at lunch time is their green tea ice, although I’ve had better ones in Berlin, this one is still ranging pretty high on my list and closing a lunch with ice cream before heading back to the office, what’s to say against that?


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  1. Kajsa on


    My eyes drew themselves towards the lovely teapot.
    xoxo Kajsa

  2. Laura on


    I went today and it was delicious! I had the beef gyudon, miso soup and sencha (green) tea. The soup had different kinds of seaweed (green as well as red/purple), which I really appreciated, and the gyudon was not just beautifully presented but also flavorful and served hooot (is it just me or is most food in Berlin served too cold?). The decor is really cool too — the roof is covered with a hanging wave piece made of chopsticks, which is probably the reason for the name “hashi”. Thanks for the great suggestion!

  3. DB on


    This place seems to be permanently closed now.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      true! I’ll take it off the map

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