On the Road: A Taro Farm in Hawaii

During my stay in Hawaii for ASAP Beetle, I had the chance to visit a traditional taro farm to learn more about the production of this root vegetable that is so often used in the traditional Hawaiian kitchen. I was invited by Na Mea Kupono, a Lo’i Kalo (taro farm in Hawaiian) concerned not only with growing taro, but also with maintaining the knowledge and stories attached to it, to keep a culture alive, that’s about to disappear.

The production and growth of kalo actually refers a lot to the ancient Hawaiian culture, like it was explained to me by the friendly owner of the farm. After wandering around, taking pictures, checking the crab-traps in the wetlands and eating too much of the delicious taro cooked in butter and sugar, I attempted to make a short introduction into the camera, evoking a style known from those 70s documentaries shown during biology class… Anyhow, I enjoyed the abundance of green, the sludgy fields and the many animals living on the farm. On an island like O’ahu, fresh water is something you need to fight for and smaller farms often give up in this struggle, Na Mea Kupono is basically only existing, because they’re lucky enough to have their own well.

stilinberlin taro farm-5

Seeing myself back on Hawaii in shorts and blouse talking with the camera pretending I know what I’m doing is quite fun while sitting in a snow storm in Berlin – if you want to flee the grim Berlin winter that’s probably going to last the entire year, join the game to win a trip to Hawaii here: As Sun As Possible Contest.

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