Archive: March 2013

On the Road: A Taro Farm in Hawaii

During my stay in Hawaii for ASAP Beetle, I had the chance to visit a traditional taro farm to learn more about the production of this root vegetable that is so often used in the traditional Hawaiian kitchen. I was invited by Na Mea Kupono, a Lo’i Kalo (taro farm in Hawaiian) concerned not only with growing taro, but also with maintaining the knowledge and stories attached to it, to keep a culture alive, that’s about to disappear.

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Discover This: Gegenwart

When we buried my grandmother’s ashes two months ago, my four-year-old niece asked my sister how it was possible to fit grandma into a baking oven. The entire ceremony, though a sad farewell, opened my eyes to the absurdities that we face when it comes to death. Or rather, to how death seems to be the last great taboo in the society in which I grew up.

Berlin: still winter

There are just no words for our current “situation”, I’ve run out of strategies to cope, the enjoyment of winter whites lost its appeal. My inner terror: will Berlinowic stay like this forever and ever?

Took the picture this morning in Hansaviertel, not in Oberwiesenthal.

Food in Berlin: Blue Nile

Tempelhofer Ufer is not anyone’s idea of Berlin at its most charming, especially in winter. Yet here I was, huddled up in my winter coat scrunching up my face against the sharp, freezing wind and overtaking a typically optimistic gaggle of Mediterranean high-schoolers taking some time to chat on the phone dressed in abysmally thin (but matching, bless) Jack Daniels wifebeaters. It was obvious: they were going to have the best school trip EVER and I was in need of some comfort food.

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