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Although we’re currently living under ice with temperatures around zero degrees, this city is blessed with nonstop sunshine and blue sky, rising my anticipation for higher temperatures, blossoming trees and that particular spring scent. In case you don’t yet have the perfect sunglasses for this frenetic, bright sunshine, I strongly suggest to visit Lunettes Selection.

Many of you certainly know about this glasses store already, not only because it has been part of many guides on this blog (and many others). Considering this, it’s even more astonishing, that I’ve not yet devoted a full Shop in Berlin article to this perfectly selected glasses store, since it’s also been my personal favorit – After years of not wearing glasses due to a fatal decision for a not very flattering modell at the optician just before getting my driver’s license, I finally found my perfect shape and material at Lunettes.

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Since then, I always suggest Lunettes to people looking for new glasses, not only because of their great selection of unworn vintage glasses and their growing (and internationally popular) own collection, but first and foremost because of their outstanding guidance and advice. They know how difficult it is for many people to chose glasses that compliment their face and all of their staff will be as friendly, helpful and, most importantly, as honest as possible. It takes time and a candid opinion to find the perfect frames, and at Lunettes you won’t feel pressured to buy one, neither will you leave feeling misadviced.

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And while all the staff is very skilled when it comes to glass-face-matching, my favorit will always be Claudia, whose frank judgement and sometimes surprising suggestions will securely lead you to your perfect frames. (She even went that far to promise me to find a pair of round glasses that will suit me, how courageous! I’ve yet got to accept this challenge…) In case you want to meet her, she’s at the store everyday until 4pm and Thursdays until late.

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Lunettes has another branch, just recently opened, at Dunckerstraße in Prenzlauer Berg, and is continuing to work on their own collection that is available in their online shop and in selected glasses stores around the world.

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Lunettes Selection Mitte

Lunettes Selection Mitte

Torstraße 172

10115 Berlin Mitte

Rosenthaler Platz

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat: 12:00–20:00