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Entering Rianna in Berlin just off Oranienburger Straße, means entering the loud and crazy world of Rianna Kounou, who moved her store from Athens to Berlin in late 2009. Alongside her own designs, the colorful store offers a selection of seriously high-class vintage. Which in this case doesn’t mean shabby polyester sweaters from the 80ies or piles of mum-jeans from the 90s, but vintage in its strictest definition.

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In two rooms, Rianna in Berlin showcases a selection of clothing, jewelry and accessories from every high-fashion brand you can think of. May it be beautiful Kaftan dresses by Hermès, those classic Chanel costumes or elegant 60s capes by Christian Dior, the store is full of treasures, you won’t find anywhere else in Berlin. Hence, the prices are also rather unusual for Berlin vintage, but the rare originals in mostly impeccable condition are worth it, and, let me tell you, Rianna’s Greek heart be hurt, rather pleased if you try to get a good deal.

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Needless to say, Rianna Kounou prefers colorful garments and flashy materials. Alongside the excellent vintage pieces, you’ll find a choice of her own designs of bags and small furnitures, equally bright in color.
A real highlight is her selection of vintage jewelry, may it be the real deal from Dior, or the more affordable piece in beautiful design, almost ten display cases are filled with such pretty pieces, you’ll have a hard time choosing.

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Rianna in Berlin

Rianna in Berlin

Große Hamburger Straße 25

10115 Berlin Mitte

Hackescher Markt

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 12:00-19:00


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  1. Sebastian on


    Most amazing shop for accessoires! Incredible shop owner. Love her!

  2. Kajsa on


    Love the pearl necklace in the first photo. Among the rest of of course ;) xx Kajsa

  3. Shirley Erskine on


    That’s so crazy I just did a photoshoot on Monday and the Stylist used all of her stuff which was absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Anam David on


    ill will visit it when in Berlin

  5. Tina on


    the best vintage shop in Berlin or even in Germany – I LOVE it and I love the owner – I love my pucci skirt and jacket – gorgeous – hope to visit you soon again in Berlin

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