At Home: Kavita Meelu

I’ve been living in Berlin for over ten years now and I still don’t get the feeling I discovered everything that’s worth discovering, I still feel like there are tons of restaurants, shops, food stores, galleries, movie theaters etc out there, that I don’t even have an idea of.
When I met Kavita just some weeks ago, this proved to be true once more. Her knowledge of Berlin’s food scene exceeds mine easily, with a vast experience of Charlottenburg’s Asian secrets (which we will hopefully soon transform into a guide on Kantstraße’s foodie havens) that makes me so excited for everything to come. No wonder she’s responsible for the Berlin division of Kitchensurfing, that New York based start-up that’s basically an agency for highly talented chefs without restaurants to be booked for private dinners. And they’re also a driving force behind the wonderful Street Food Thursday, the foodie event that happened for the first time last week in Kreuzberg’s Markthalle IX.
Now you might wonder why I didn’t portray her in the kitchen of her home in Kreuzberg, but in her cosy and bright living room. Easy answer, they’re still working on it. She moved in this apartment about four months ago with her boyfriend, an architect, and of course the kitchen gets an extra amount of attention to detail. What I’ve seen so far (one solid countertop cast in a very light concrete) looks very promising and I might have to come back to get another portray of her cooking in there.


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  1. Suzy on


    It’s nice to put a face to a name I hear a lot.

  2. Kavita Meelu on


    Suzy! – lets meet & eat real soon I would love come together over some delicious food! xxx

  3. Guri Singh on


    Hi Kavita,

    Thanks for adopting a visitor who just happens to drop by at the market this evening. I had a great time talking to you and family.

    Wow! you are phaymus.

    If you are ever in San Francisco, let me guide you around. I think I know a thing or two about food.

    Wish you well.

    I totally enjoyed the market, Ice Cream, Salmon, Tamale (yeah! I love Mexican food) and the Italian baker. I will go back for Currywurst at the Kantine during lunch time.

    My best

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