Biergarten in Berlin: Prater Garten

It’s the same every year, after weeks of suffering from cold temperatures, icy winds and just too much snow, temperatures suddenly make a surprising jump to give Berlin a summery feel the local flora can’t live up to… So that’s why the above picture is lacking in something: leafs. The beautiful and giant chestnut trees covering the more than famous Prater Garten are still very naked and thus an odd contrast to the crowds enjoying beer in sleeveless shirts and short skirts.

stilinberlin prater-3

Of course that’s not at all a reason to not enjoy this sudden warmth that revives the city’s spirit. And why not celebrate the (hopefully) final end of winter with a spontaneous visit of the Biergarten? To have some bratwurst and of course a beer, of which I prefer the dark ones.

Prater Garten is and will always be crowded, it’s mentioned in too many guides to not be and still has a very nice feel in these early warm days. The lines are not annoyingly long and you won’t need to squeeze yourself onto the benches.

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They offer a small choice of dishes, there’s a variety of bratwurst, two soups of the day, noodle as well as couscous and potato salad. We went for the soup, a celeriac-peach soup with gorgonzola of surprisingly good quality for a Biergarten. The couscous was fine, nothing special though, but anyways, it’s about the beer and there’s plenty of that.

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Prater Garten

Prater Garten

Kastanienallee 7-9

10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Eberswalder Straße

Opening Hours:

Biergarten: April – September, daily from 12:00
Restaurant: Mon–Sat from 18:00, Sun from 12:00


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  1. Núria on


    its too, definetly the best season.

  2. Kajsa on


    Charming place! I love all the little pubs and cafes close to Alexanderplatz.

  3. Sasha on


    That peach and celeriac soup sounds amazingly creative for a Biergarten. I’m impressed. What was it garnished with? I can’t really tell from the picture and I think that I might recreate that combination at home.

  4. Lesley on


    One of the best of the best, I think. Great photos!

  5. Emma on


    Wow this looks so good! Cosy place! XO

  6. Kristoffer on


    This is an amazing place, but, as mentioned, it’s really crowded and there are lots of tourists…

  7. Kim on


    Would love to visit Berlin. Heard so many great things about the city.

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