Breakfast in Berlin: Chipps

Update May 2015 Chipps changed owners, we haven’t been back since and thus can’t guarantee that this review is still valid, although the kitchen concept isn’t supposed to be changed.

Ah, poached eggs for a weekend breakfast. They’re not on many menues in Berlin, and if, they’re not necessarily well made. Which means perfectly poached, with a runny yolk that’s hardened around the edges and a tasty Hollandaise with the perfect lemon tartness. Lucky for me, I think I found a personal favorit this past Easter weekend: Chipps, the deli–restaurant owned by the makers of the club Cookies and its restaurant Cookies & Cream.

It’s located just in between Alexanderplatz and Gendarmenmarkt, an area I rarely pass or go to – but from now on will be my preferred destination for a dainty and perfect weekend breakfast. Their menu offers a nice variety of eggs – prepared as scrambled eggs with french toast, bacon (or alternatively vegan bacon) and maple sirup; as omelet with mushrooms, spinach and tomato, as sunny side ups with sausage (also alternatively vegan) and salad with feta and olives; and the above pictured eggs florentine, poached eggs with fresh spinach, Hollandaise and a side of salad (of course, also available as eggs benedict).

stilinberlin chipps-2

Of course, there’s more: waffles with blue berries, pancakes with maple sirup, croissants, Müsli, Ei im Glas, yoghurt and everything else you need for a delicious breakfast. The interior is bright and modern, the open kitchen allows you to watch every move of the chefs (and maybe steal one or two tricks for poaching…). Just one down side, they fried something during our stay, and the smell was quite intense in the dining area.

Nevertheless, I’m so happy I found delicious poached eggs, so I’ll be back.



Jägerstraße 35

10117 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 09:00–23:00
Sun 09:00–17:00


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  1. Oliver on


    I was of the understanding that eggs that are not completely cooked are actually illegal under the food service laws… hence why they are so hard to find.

    1. johnn on

      do you ever eat mayonnaise? it is made with raw egg yolk!

  2. Kajsa on


    One time I tried to poach eggs at home, it did not turn out well. More attempts are necessary to master the skill :)

  3. Aria on


    in Berlin they serve you without any gloves, and so on… as you probably saw, we are very down to earth and not technologically nor higienically in tune with places like the US or Scandinavia… so why bother about eggs, man? you really think they are so hard to find IN BERLIN?

  4. Joel on


    Why go out (let alone all the way to Mitte) for a breakfast that would take 10 minutes to make at home, no matter how hungover?

    1. Mary on

      I’m envious of your poaching & hollandaise skills, I can’t make that at home…

  5. Cari on


    I live vicariously through you YUMMY!!

  6. jędrek on


    We dropped by Chipps the other day and had some eggs. Really decent fare although the toast both the benedict and florentine were served on was a bit uninspired. Hollandaise sauce was also a bit more sour than I like, but that’s a matter of personal taste. Great recommendation all-in-all.

  7. Emily on


    Chipps may be good for breakfast, but I had a terrible week-night dinner there a month ago. They have changed their menu (no more delightful build-your-own salads) and the food they are currently serving is uninspired (e.g., Kale served three ways, one of them being raw) and expensive.

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