Breakfast in Berlin: Veganz

Vegan pad thai and kohlrabi carrot salad in the back, filled mushroom, a raw bruschetta with olives (my favorit) and a paste of date and banana in the front.

I’m sure you know about Veganz, one of the first vegan only supermarkets, that already has two markets in Berlin and one in Frankfurt. (Vienna is coming soon, I heard.) Furthermore, they offer a brunch in their show kitchen, where you can also join workshops and cooking classes and I finally! made it there over the Easter weekend.

I’m not a brunch person, I like my food served, skillfully arranged on a plate and not mixed by myself on a huge buffet with no clue about what goes best with what. Nevertheless, knowing about Veganz high quality approach and my personal affinity to vegan food, I overcame my brunch-aversion and went to Prenzlauer Berg to join their Sunday food feast. Nevertheless, although I tried my best in selecting and arranging, the pictures don’t do the food justice, so please excuse.

Scrambled tofu and seitan steak in the front, bagel, pan roasted sweet potato and vegan sausage in the back.

Their buffet is not huge (like you might know it from other brunch places), but very well selected and plenty enough with a choice of bagels, vegan butter and other spreads like vegan cold meats, chia pudding, waffles, müsli, salads and  even many raw food treats, as well as several warm dishes, like scrambled tofu, seitan steaks, Spätzle, pan roasted vegetables and much more. Everything sourced from Veganz, so most of it is local, seasonal and of course, organic.

There’s not much to say about the atmosphere there, the brunch is served in rooms next to the supermarket, you order and pay the brunch as well as your coffee choice in the supermarket and then walk over with a pink wristband to get your table. It’s quite busy so a reservation ( is very recommendable. The interior is more like a canteen or workshop/ show-kitchen, white walls, beamers and grey curtains, simple chairs and tables, but, luckily, also not the rather hippie-ish, amateurish style one is used from too many vegan places in Friedrichshain (walls painted with a sponge in orange, empty crates used as stools etc). Anyway, I recommend sitting with a view on the kitchen, where you can watch the chefs spin around to prepare and refill the buffet with even more delicious food.

And as with every brunch, you will end up having eaten way too much but hey, it’s vegan and some of it even raw, so no bad feelings necessary.

Coconut and blueberry pudding, date tart with cream filling.

Veganz Prenzlauer Berg

Veganz Prenzlauer Berg

Schivelbeiner Straße 34

10439 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Schönhauser Allee

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat: 09:00–20:00


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  1. india on


    well your pictures had ME salivating! Going to Veganz tomorrow. So excited! Great review!

  2. Luiza on


    I was going to go to Veganz based on this review, but when googling it I found out that they’re connected to the NPD, among a bunch of other horrible stuff :(
    More here:

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I followed this discussion back in the beginning of 2012 – if you read the comments and followed what was coming after that article you’ll realise most of the accusations that were made anonymous on Indymedia have no proof and were made out of a personal anger and frustration with whatever reason.
      I’ve never seen anything proofed and consider most of the arguments made proper bullshit.
      Veganz is definitely a profit-oriented enterprise, and doesn’t have a political agenda that surpasses animal rights. But I don’t mind that. And I personally like that it’s a shop oriented towards those who are interested in a more concerned way of eating instead of catering strictly and only to vegans who are clearly politically left.

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