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Mosabaha served with vegetables (4 Euros)

Nothing beats comfort food, and I consider hummus to be one of my favorite comfort foods – delicious chickpeas mashed with tahini and cumin into a heart-warming paste to be devoured with fresh flat bread… divine! There’s more than one recipe for hummus and I like them all, may they be Israeli or Syrian, and I am very happy I found a new favorit in Wedding, although I have no idea what nationality is behind it: Akko is a deli at the bustling crossing of Pank- and Badstraße and is equally busy. But neither the hectic atmosphere nor the simple, almost canteen-like interior say anything about the quality of the food.

A plate filled with Halloumi and Hummus (4 Euros)
A plate filled with Halloumi and Hummus (4 Euros)

Of course they serve the classics, like Halloumi with Hummus (pictured below, 4 Euros), Makali, Falafel and the likes but we were all mostly attracted by the Foual and the Msabaha (4 Euros each). Foual (that’s the way it’s written on their menu, Wikipedia calls it Fūl medammis) is a dish made of chickpeas and fava beans and Msabaha is, as far as I understood it, a simpler version of Hummus where not all the chickpeas are mashed, both topped with even more chickpeas, olive oil and parsley. The bowls are served with plates generously filled with mint, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and pickled radish as well as loads of thin flat bread.

A cheese flat bread we chose as starter
A cheese flat bread we chose as starter

The place was quite crowded the Saturday afternoon we went, and although the majority were men (we were the only women-only table during the time of our stay) the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming with the staff being very helpful with our orders. Of course there’s free black tea, but don’t plan on staying here too long, your table will be requested as soon as you finished by following hungry fellows.

Foual equally served with pickled and fresh vegetables
Foual equally served with pickled and fresh vegetables (4 Euros)



Pankstraße 52

13357 Berlin Wedding


Opening Hours:

daily 09:00–22:00


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  1. amalie on


    Ohmygod, this looks delicious! i love chick peas x

  2. Luisa on


    Woah, looks incredible. Thanks for the tip! Akko is the name of a city in Israel….

  3. Tinka on


    i work in Wedding not too far from there, so I should try this… sounds yummy and the prices look good. we had this in our street but not long after remodeling they closed.

  4. Becc on


    I decided to go there for dinner yesterday. It was delicious!!
    Thanks for the great tip!

  5. Deepak Jois on


    Went there for lunch today, after reading about it here. Great find. I had the Mosabaha and really liked it too.

  6. Lotta on


    seems to be palestinian, cause akko is a city in northern israel, where many arab israeli live.

  7. Malva on


    Brilliant, especially for vegetarians. Their hummus is the best I have had in Berlin so far. Atmo is very lokanta-like, though: A canteen. Personally, I could not care less, but if you are looking for a place to spend time in…
    There are plenty of fabulous Turkish supermarkets withing the vicinity of the intersection, too. And if you are looking for great place for coffee and sweet treats after Akko try La Femme (Turkish!), which is sort of the last place on the upper end of Badstraße, facing Gesundbrunnen Centre.

  8. Khamis on


    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    wir sind ein arabisches Restaurant in Berlin Wedding mit der Name (AKKO Chicken & Grilled) der seit 01. May 2019 eröffnet hat.

    wir bitten Sie um einen Besuch..
    unsere Adresse in BAdstr. 21, 13357 Berlin
    Tel: 030-55624099

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