Food in Berlin: Sasaya

I guess many of you, who’ve been reading this blog for a while, are now like What!? Sasaya hasn’t been reviewed here? Why yes, it’s true. The probably most popular of all the Japanese restaurants in Berlin has not yet been featured on this very blog although there’s just no reason for that. And because it’s one of my favorites it totally fits the topic of the week, catching up.

This is Takana, Rengoma and Kukiwakame with a cup of Genmaicha.
This is Takana, Rengoma and Kukiwakame with a cup of Genmaicha.

Sasaya is the best in Japanese food you’ll find in central Berlin, because they not only serve sushi, although theirs is without question very good (go for the Omakase plate (25 Euros), the chef’s choice). Even more remarkable are all the little plates they’re serving as appetizers, the Tsukemono (pickled vegetables), the Takana (fried vegetables), the Kukiwakame (seaweed salad) and above all the Rengoma (spinach with sesame sauce) – all sounding quite simple, but then delivering a taste so refined only Japanese food is able to create. And the colors, this vivid shades of green on beautiful plates contribute loads to the overall sensory delight you’ll experience.

stilinberlin sasaya-6
Kitsune Udon, 6 Euros

Sadly, the menu nowadays is a little scarce for vegetarians, they’ve got soups on it but all are made with Dashi (fish broth). I don’t know if I remember it wrong, but I left with the feeling it’s been different in past times. Anyhow, my fish and meat eating lunch partners where especially smitten by the pork belly (of course) they served as a lunch option with pickled vegetables, spinach and rice.

Matcha and Wagashi, 4.50 Euros
Matcha and Wagashi, 4.50 Euros

Sasaya is always crowded, a reservation is highly recommendable. Go for the traditional tables and then finish your dinner (or lunch) with the Matcha and Wagashi, the strong and bitter green tea (in another gorgeous green color) is served with different Japanese sweets with the Mochi being very delicious – soft and tender, yet quite luscious and not too sweet.



Lychener Straße 50

10437 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Eberswalder Straße

Opening Hours:

Thu–Mon 12:00–14:30 & 18:00–22:30


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  1. Thea on


    Oh ja, da wurde ich vor kurzem auch von einer Sasaya-Liebhaberin hingeführt und bin ganz begeistert gewesen. Toller Laden, tolles Essen und die Gegend ist ja auch schön für einen Spaziergang danach ;)!

  2. Tinka on


    wow I so wanna go there but it´s like far….

  3. Claudia on


    I’ve been there in 2010 for the first time. Visiting it every time now when I’m in Berlin. Love the food.

  4. Rocky on


    Der Laden ist großartig, aber auf eines muss man dringend hinweisen: Kinder sind hier nur erwünscht, wenn sie absolut geräuschlos und bewegungslos sind. Ansonsten wird man andauernd von den Angestellten ermahnt, eine befreundete Familie wurde sogar rausgeschmissen. Meine Kinder lieben Sushi, ich würde gern öfter kommen, aber da sie ab und an doch mit mir sprechen wollen, mach ich einen Bogen um das Sasaya.

  5. andre agassi on


    How can you make good food when you hate children.
    Horrible experience tonight in this restaurant with two children that behaved perfectly well, sitting quietly drawing.
    Suddenly a waiter informed us that our children were annoying the sushi-chef…
    To be honest we’ve had better sushi before.
    Go to Antwerp and try Ko’uzi where the sushi is ten times better and children are welcome. Or try Takumi’s in cape Town,same story.
    I think good food is made with love….this element is lacking in Sassaya.

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