Food in Berlin: Street Food Thursday

Fräulein Kimchi preparing a portion of tacos

When I heard about Street Food Thursday I was excited, when I got invited to taste a preview, I was beyond excited – and then very sad because my schedule told me I wouldn’t be able to attend for at least some weeks. Until the schedule changed and Street Food Thursday turned into a fix date for me and Mr. Duijsens.

We kept our meals light before travelling to Markthalle IX, to enjoy as much as we can at this weekly feast of dainty but small meals, freshly prepared and for me, the most exciting foodie possibility Berlin has currently on offer.

stilinberlin street food thursday-1

Zuhause Berlin’s pork buns with pickles and horseradish were Florian’s and everyone else’s favorites, we came early because we heard about the lines from the week before but if you can’t manage, yes, the waiting in line is worth it.

stilinberlin street food thursday-2

Glücksmädchen Catering’s Som Tam, papaya salad with quite hot chili, and three of her filled sago pearls – a delicious start for me. Freshly prepared in front of our eyes and then quickly devoured. It was a bit too hot for me (since I have this weird thing of getting the hick-ups from chili), but nevertheless very very good.

stilinberlin street food thursday-3

Sadly, we missed out trying these tacos and opted for the ones offered at the booth just next to it, which had a longer line in front but the tacos weren’t very convincing in the end. Easy solution, we’ll need to go back and get our share of the ones pictured above (no problem, really).

stilinberlin street food thursday-4

Another dish we did not try, there’s only so much one can eat, but we heard these Vietnamese Bánh mì sandwiches are not only looking dainty.

stilinberlin street food thursday-5

There’s not only tacos at Street Food Thursday, there are delicious German treats as well – like Laurin’s Brot & Zeit where pickled cheese and fresh Obatzter, a Bavarian delicacy made of Camembert, butter and sweet pepper, are served with fresh Bretzel and bread. Classic Biergarten food, but way better than the quality you mostly get.

stilinberlin street food thursday-9

Literally saved the best for last. My absolute favorite dish was also my final: Kässpatzen from Heisser Hobel, fresh egg noodles with loads of aromatic cheese and roasted onions. The portions are generous, although they might look small on first sight, but this dish is going to fill you up and close your stomach. But they’re soooo good, you need to try them.

And everything else, of course. Because there’s so much more!


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  1. annton on


    those Käsespätzle are incredible!




  3. Guillermo Luengas on


    Hello Mary
    I am the Mexican who was making tostadas or tacos that appear in the picture that you have in this article, and I want to tell you that this Thursday I will be in the Markthalle offering this popular Mexican dish, I would like to invite you to know us, and you can try the tostadas or tacos, and in that way you can have the experience and you can tell it :) I hope you have time, if you have any questions let me know.

    Greetings and hope to see you soon.

    1. Mary on

      Oh! What a lovely invite! I will definitely come and try – will you have a vegetarian option?

  4. david on


    i want to try those tacos also….they def need another mexicans critique.

  5. Guillermo Luengas on


    I’m working on the vegetarian option :), see you later, Mary and David

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