Archive: April 2013

Discover This: Bestiaire

The humans are watching something. It is not quite certain what they are watching, but as they are drawing and looking at their object in art class, highly concentrated, it must be a model. It actually is a model, but what the humans are drawing is not a person, not a live model, but an animal. A stuffed deer is their model, and this brilliant exposition already tells us what this film, Bestiaire, is all about: producing images of animals.

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At Home: Kavita Meelu

I’ve been living in Berlin for over ten years now and I still don’t get the feeling I discovered everything that’s worth discovering, I still feel like there are tons of restaurants, shops, food stores, galleries, movie theaters etc out there, that I don’t even have an idea of.
When I met Kavita just some weeks ago, this proved to be true once more.

Food in Berlin: Akko

Nothing beats comfort food, and I consider hummus to be one of my favorite comfort foods – delicious chickpeas mashed with tahini and cumin into a heart-warming paste to be devoured with fresh flat bread… divine! There’s more than one recipe for hummus and I like them all, may they be Israeli or Syrian, and I am very happy I found a new favorit in Wedding, although I have no idea what nationality is behind it: Akko is a deli at the bustling crossing of Pank- and Badstraße and is equally busy. But neither the hectic atmosphere nor the simple, almost canteen-like interior say anything about the quality of the food.

Escape: Rügen

Sometimes Berlin feels like an island, too rarely my way leads me out of the city and into the countryside, enjoying the many beauties northern Germany has to offer. The past weekend I finally managed once again to travel up North to the Baltic Sea, more precise onto the island Rügen, Germany’s biggest island and home to the world famous chalk cliffs.

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