Archive: April 2013

Discover This: Oslo, 31. August

It’s very rare that a film gives you goose pimples after only two and a half minutes. There is a prologue to Oslo, 31. August that is so beautiful and enigmatic that, if for some reason you have to leave the cinema right after it, you won’t regret having bought a ticket. What unfolds is a rapid montage of vintage footage, intimate shots of Oslo, and bits of home video. We listen as many different people recall personal details and situations that link them to the town of Oslo and their lives there.

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Breakfast in Berlin: Chipps

Ah, poached eggs for a weekend breakfast. It’s not on many menues in Berlin, and if, it’s not necessarily well made. Which means perfectly poached, with a runny yolk that’s hardened around the edges and a tasty Hollandaise with the perfect tartness of lemon. And I think I found a personal favorit this past Easter weekend, when I went to Chipps, the deli–restaurant owned by the makers of club Cookies and its restaurant Cookies & Cream

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