Shop in Berlin: Shakespeare and Sons Prenzlauer Berg

Update, Shakespeare and Sons closed its Prenzlauer doors and moved to Friedrichshain.

Imagine your favorite book store, what would it look like? Of course it would have the variety, the well selected presentation tables with books you want to read immediately, rows and rows of interesting readables etc. Would it also have comfortable grandma-style chairs? Yes? And even more of that so everyone could start reading new found favorites immediately? Yes? And now imagine it also had a coffee bar with delicious bagels and cakes and other treats to make your stay even better? That would be the best, basically? Shakespeare & Sons has all of this, no exaggeration necessary. Welcome to bibliophile’s heaven.

stilinberlin shakespeare and sons-1

In between all the English and French, used as well as new books, a small café serves bagels, cakes, teas, coffee and cake. I especially enjoyed the dark rye bagels with just the right amount of caraway, served with fresh cheese and a delicious cup of tea. Followed by a vegan chocolate-cheese-cake made with tofu. Because, reading makes you (me) hungry.

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The atmosphere is what makes this book store special, the well set lighting and the great choice of books will make you stay longer than you planned. Considering they also hold events like book presentations and talks, this might become your new favorite hang-out.

Vegan chocolate cheese cake
Vegan chocolate cheese cake
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  1. Rose on


    This place looks great! I live nearby so I will have to visit it sometime soon. Thanks for sharing this find!

  2. Sabrina on


    Oh da muss ich auch mal vorbei schauen. Für einen Bücherwurm wie mich ein perfekter Ort…

  3. mary on


    its like a living room! awesome idea. People feel comfortable and also can read a bit of the book and then decide if they buy it. awesome, need to go there next time when Im in Berlin

  4. John Bosch on


    I was in Germany last fall but never made it to Berlin. I will be going again next fall and me and wife want to get to Berlin this time. It looks like a nice shop to stop in at.

  5. Isi on


    My absolute favorite bookshop!

  6. Hassan Al-Oneizan on


    It seems awesome. It is a new manifest of ideas within to be presented overtly. Neu deep view considered for this ideal design with adventurous audience of cafe and liturature. A luminous experience deserves a visit and look closly to it.

  7. Mariella on


    I think it would be good to mark this post as “closed”, I’m so sad its closed, but so glad one opened up on Warschauer Str!

    1. Mary on

      Hi mariella,

      The one in Friedrichshain is also much bigger! And it says so at the top of the article :)

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