Stil in Hamburg: Couple Dressing

Photo: Stephanie Schweigert

While in Rügen, Fabian Hart and I studied the very charming art of couple’s dressing. In unison and unity we turned our observations into a self-experiment in Hamburg for which Fabian wrote a wonderful short text, that I won’t dare to translate:

Partnerlooks sind wirklich reizend. Sie brennen in den Augen. In einer romantisierten Vorstellung demonstrieren sie Zugehörigkeit, tatsächlich meinen sie in den meisten Fällen aber Einswerdung. Das geschieht oft über Jahre hinweg, schleichend.

Die Übergange zwischen Annäherung und Anpassung sind fließend und plötzlich bewegt man sich in Schöffel-Funktionsjacken auf Strandpromenaden im Gleichschritt. Man wird einander, Human Camouflage, und geht darin auf und ein.

Schließlich steckt einsam in gemeinsam. Aber niemand behauptet, dass man eine Beziehung braucht, um es schwierig zu finden, sich selbst zu bleiben. Das geht uns allen so. Seht euch Mary und mich an.

Doch wer eine bessere Hälfte sucht und sie vor lauter Entsprechung nicht mehr findet, wird feststellen, dass es sie nie gab. Ganz bleiben und nicht Eins werden: Das ist eine schwere Übung. Der Partnerlook ist das letze Warnsignal und wer das nicht erkennt, ist längst Beziehungswaise.

If you want to give the translation a try, I’d be more than happy to read your suggestions in the comments!


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  1. Heinrich on


    People who fall in love always prefer to look like a pair of lovers by couple dressing. It romantically demonstrates their commitment and affection towards each other. However in fact in most cases it seems just harmony in appearance.

    It is very natural from coming together to adapting to each other. So lovers get used to routine camouflage gradually and act at same pace. Finally they have solitariness in common. Of course nobody admits that he or she finds it difficult to being oneself by persuing a relationship. We are no exception.

    The person who are looking for a better partner but anyhow can not find a perfect one, will draw a conclusion that such a partner does not exist at all. So keep unique. Perhaps who trys to have a partnerlook forgets to be himself and then finally can not keep a relationship.

    (I am not sure whether I understand you correctly or not. I guess that people do not have to own the same characteristics or opions about something or dress the same style outfit. It is important that they learn to appreciate their lovers. They miss, they enjoy,they touch, they feel that their relationship bring. I do not care about the future , but sunlight my lover gives me.)

    Have a nice Spring time, Mary!

    Good wishes from Engelbecken.

  2. Translation on


    How about that?

    Matching clothes are very charming indeed. They sting in your eyes. They are often—romantically—thought of as a sign of affinity, but in fact they mean becoming one. This is happening over the years, bit by bit.

    The transition from approach to alignment is soft, and suddenly you find yourself walking in step at the sea front, dressed in matching no-nonsense outdoor clothing. You become each other, human camouflage. You are wrapped up in it and die.

    It is possible to be very lonely while being together with someone. But it doesn’t take a relationship to realize how difficult it is to stay true to oneself. It’s difficult for all of us. Just look at Mary and me.

    Those who are unable to find the other half anymore because of too many analogies will realize that this other half has never existed. To stay whole without becoming one is a difficult task. Matching clothes are the last alarm. Those who don’t recognize it have in reality given up their relationship long ago.

    1. Mary on

      very nice, thanks a lot!

  3. ЮдихсшяьЮЮююююZornitsa on


    It reminds me of the day, that I got married with my boy – we were blue shirts and jeans … So – I’m definitely biased and like them! :)

  4. Eva on


    But on this picture, couple’s dressing seems to be almost cool…

  5. Fashion for Passion on


    Couple Dressing can be annoying sometimes, But this one is an exceptional. The way you make it so vintage-y look with it all makes it perfect! You’re such an inspiration! Blog more! xx

  6. nikkicruz on


    Thank you for sharing this blog.

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